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Unicorn Parties are Epic!

Unicorn parties are all sparkles and glitter. And then the next day they're so hungover. It's all fun and games until somebody throws up a rainbow.

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Unicorn Parties are Epic!

There are some times when our Bounty Program makes us really, really happy. This is one such instance:

Last night my eldest child said to me "There are no unicorns, Mom; only ponies in party hats." I need a "Unicorns are ponies in party hats" shirt with a mighty graphic. You need a new meme. Have at it!

Our team of Bounty Hunters (those of us who wade through the suggestions once a month) melted when we read that. We generally go for the witty or the snarky. But we all thought that one was worth bringing before the whole company. Who subsequently melted, too. So basically, it's one big puddle over here in ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, and not just because the roof leaks.

Unicorns: Ponies with Party Hats with a mighty graphic of a unicorn in white ink on a royal blue, 100% cotton shirt.

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