The world may never know.

A one... ah two... a three... *crunch* A three! (Also, that's totally cheating. Mr. Zombie Owl's going to have to start over again with a fresh human.)

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The world may never know.

Let's start out this with the disclaimer that not all zombies eat brains. (See Vanity Fair article entitled "George A. Romero: 'Who Says Zombies Eat Brains?'" from May of 2010.) But assuming our zombies have strayed (very slowly) from the modern cult movie standard that Romero's works set forth, how many licks would it take? Skulls are really thick. Evolution figured out long ago that we're not the most coordinated of beings and maybe it should protect the bit that makes the rest of the body function. But, then again, a zombie isn't in any hurry. Even if it's like water dripping on a rock, eventually that zombie can get to the chewy center. But we're going to guess most of them are going to cheat and crunch.

The Mr. Zombie Logo (a zombie owl licking a brain lollipop in minty green, brainy pink, and white ink) with the text "How Many Licks" on a black, fitted (babydoll) shirt.

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