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Gotta Fit 'Em All!

  • Seat belt style buckle
  • Two styles for your Pokédex
  • Don’t get caught with your pants down
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Gotta Fit 'Em All!

Greetings newest Pokémon Master! It appears you just rolled out of bed. Thankfully, your mother got you up in time, otherwise you would've missed your chance to begin your journey with your choice of Pokémon Pal. What's this? It appears you were in such a rush that you put on someone else's pants. Humorous! But, do not fret for all Pokémon Masters start their journey trying to fill the shoes… or pants… of the hero they are to become!

As a budding Pokémon Master you'll come to understand that sometimes you need a little bit of help. Sure, you're on your way to mastering and understanding the greatest creatures in our little universe, but until then the pants might not fit! So take this Squirtle, this Pokédex, and this Pokémon Belt. All three will support you in your journey of growth and change, to becoming the person that will eventually fill out those pants. Also, make sure you hold onto Squirtle, he's the best.

Product Specifications

  • Seat belt style buckle
  • Officially licensed pokemon belts
  • Adjustable Size: 28" to 46" waist
  • 1.5" wide, buckle is 1.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 8 oz.

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