MechaniCard® Kinetic Sculptures

Mini mechanical marvels. . . of art!

  • Mini works of mechanical art, all squished into an easy-to-mail format.
  • Hand-made, individually numbered, and signed by the artist.
  • Perfect gift for your favorite engineer (which could be you).

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Mini mechanical marvels. . . of art!

MechaniCard Kinetic Sculptures

Every once in a while, as we scour the universe for products we know you'll love, we find something magically delicious. Something that transcends mere product; something that can only be called "art." When we were approached by the creator of MechaniCard® Kinetic Sculptures, we knew we had jumped into a realm where engineering and art danced in a celebration of both. And we knew you had to see it!

MechaniCard® Kinetic Sculptures start off looking like little white mailers - the type you'd mail a CD or DVD in (making gifting them super easy). Open them up, though, and feel your mind explode in awe. Inside is a hand-made, individually numbered and signed works of art. But the kicker is to pull out the little crank, insert it, and turn. Then the MechaniCard® Kinetic Sculptures come alive in beautiful precision. You'll smile, your eyes will tear, and you'll instantly know you are beholding something special. And those, friends, are MechaniCard® Kinetic Sculptures.

MechaniCard Kinetic Sculptures

MechaniCard® Kinetic Sculptures

  • Beautifully mechanical works of art for you to give or keep.
  • Limited edition.
  • Each is hand-made, individually numbered, and signed by the artist (the intelligently artistic Brad Litwin).
  • Made of paperboard, with a few bits of wood, metal, or plastic (depending on the design).
  • Built into a mailer package, so they make for easy-to-mail gifts for those special engineers in your life.
  • Two Styles:
    • Radial Engine: An operable cross-section demonstration of the crankshaft arrangement found inside a seven-cylinder radial engine (like those found in many propeller-driven planes).
    • Mandala: Inspired by the sand mandalas made by Buddhist monks.
  • Also Available: Wooden Display - oil-finished, hardwood and hardwood laminate base has suction cups on the bottom, to hold the piece steady, while cranking.
  • Includes: complete instructions and display recommendations.
  • Dimensions: approx. 6" x 5" x 1" (with card folded back).

MechaniCard® Kinetic Sculptures Video: