Dorkfood Sous-Vide DSV

Take the guesswork out

  • Device maintains water temperature within 1 degree F of precision
  • Works with your slow cooker or rice cooker
  • Affordable introduction to sous vide cooking


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Take the guesswork out

If you ever wonder what the number-one reason those reality-star TV chefs get sent home, it's usually under or over-cooked meat. The flame might be too high, your meat might be too thick, you may have not timed things right. The result is often shouted from the pass, "IT'S RAW, YOU DONKEY!"

What if we told you that you could make perfect steak every single time, and that you'd never have to worry about timing hardly at all, and it wouldn't require an instant-read thermometer, no stupid and arbitrary poking-test, or x-ray vision?

The Sous-Vide technique immerses a vacuum packed sachet of meat into precisely temperature-controlled water. The water slowly brings the internal temperature of the food evenly up to where it should be without scorching, The equipment needed to perform this culinary voodoo had previously only been available to top-chefs, or wealthy foodies, required a highly-precise and very expensive cooker. Not anymore!

The geniuses at Dorkfood figured out how to take a device most homechefs already have at home, and tweak it into an amazing Sous Vide water bath. Their Sous Vide DSV is a highly precise temperature controller that sits between your slow-cooker (crock pot) or rice-cooker and the wall outlet. The wired probe sits in the center of your water bath, and with their sophisticated computer brain, switches the cooker on and off, keeping your water bath within 1 degree F of the desired temp.

You want the perfect medium-rare steak, set the temperature to 131 degrees. Salmon Sous-Vide? 115 to 120. Momofuku short-ribs? 140. The beauty of the sous-vide method is you can leave your meat in the water-bath pretty-much as long as you like until you're ready to plate it up. For best results, sear off your meats to add texture and that extra flavor that can only come from Maillard reactions.

Digital device that allows sous-vide cooking

  • "Plug & Play" device provides temperature control and monitors temperature using integrated probe.
  • Switches integrated device on and off to control whatever is plugged in
  • Great gift for budding chefs or foodies
  • Works with many at home appliances such as slow cookers or rice makers
  • Supports 110v US appliances only

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