Wardrobe Experiment - One Week of Science Shirts

Just Add Lab Coat (and Pants)

  • 7 of our best-selling science shirts, all 100% cotton.
  • By buying the set, you get 2 shirts free.
  • The perfect gift for a college student or someone on their own for the first time. Or somebody really busy.

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Just Add Lab Coat (and Pants)

You know why there are so many shirts in this collection? Because in addition to having something to experiment on, it's important to have that control group. Maybe your control group is black shirts. Or maybe it's text-only shirts. With 7 different shirts you can mix it up to create your own unique, controlled environment. What you do with that environment is up to you, but remember there's all sorts of paperwork to fill out before conducting human subject research. Just so our lawyers can say we told you when the t-shirt experiment gone horribly wrong comes up on the docket.

You: But, ThinkGeek, I'm one of your awesome customers, and I already have one of the shirts in this set!
Us: We're sorry, but our warehouse robot monkeys can't make substitutions. You have friends, right? And they're awesome and geeky like you? Maybe they don't have that particular shirt yet. Just imagine how happy they'll be to get a free shirt from you! And if you don't have friends, you have an emergency backup of your favorite ThinkGeek shirt.

Plus, buying them as a set, you're getting two shirts free without us doing something annoying like using one of those wacky waving arm guys you always see on used car lots to demonstrate it. Everybody wins.

This set features 7 of our most popular science designs, all 100% cotton. No substitutions. If you're sending this directly to someone else, don't forget to include a gift message so your giftee knows who to thank.

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