TGX Tactical BBQ Fork with (flashlight & laser) sight

Invented at ThinkGeek

All Up in Your Grill

  • Tactical, laser-equipped barbecue fork for your high-tech grilling
  • Compatible with Picatinny tactical rail system
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!

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All Up in Your Grill

Anthropologists used to think that it was our use of tools that separated humans from animals. Then we found out that animals use tools, too. So maybe we should specify: only humans use tools with lasers and Picatinny rail systems. Until you show us a macaque using one of these, we're going to stick with that.

For your epic BBQ sessions, we present this tactical, laser-equipped barbecue fork which fulfills all your high-tech grilling needs. Complete with a class II laser attachment which clips on via Picatinny tactical rail system, this fork lets you put the smackdown at all the neighborhood cookouts. The removable "scope" functions as a laser pointer or a flashlight for those late-night cravings. Or go wild and opt for both. Works with both the latest in innovative grills and the plain ol' slab o' meat over a firepit like the good ol' Paleolithic days. Although they might worship you if you show up with a fork like this then. Or possibly burn you, using the fork to check and see if you're done. Best to keep you and the fork in the present day, just in case.

Product Specifications

  • Tactical, laser-equipped barbecue fork for your high-tech grilling
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!
  • Compatible with Picatinny tactical rail system
  • Comes with a Class II Laser Pointer with Flashlight
  • Choose flashlight only, laser pointer only or both flashlight and laser pointer mode
  • Materials: Zinc-alloy body with stainless-steel fork
  • Batteries: 2 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
  • Dimensions: 2 ft. total length, 11" handle
  • Includes: Barbecue fork and laser pointer/flashlight scope attachment
  • Weight: 1 3/4 lbs.
  • Nylon loop allows you to easily attach it to your Tactical Chef Apron
  • This product contains a functional sharp point
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Do not immerse handle in liquid

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