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earHero - World's First Open Ear Earphones

For the super spy or star athlete

  • Hear your tunes and the world around you
  • Designed by an audiologist
  • Discreet and practically invisible!


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For the super spy or star athlete

We're going to teach you one of our favorite games. You ready? The game is called "Get Down, Mr. President!" When in a group of friends, put your index finger and middle finger over your ear, as though you're listening through an earpiece. Everyone in the group follows suit. Once you've figured out which person isn't paying attention (aka the last person to do it), everyone shouts "GET DOWN, MR. PRESIDENT!" and tackles that person to the floor.

Now, you're probably not a super spy or a member of the secret service, but we're going to bet there are situations where you'd like to listen to music and remain fully aware of your surroundings. Runners and cyclists come to mind immediately. Parents, too. Students who want to listen to music but not get caught off-guard by a teacher's question... been there?

earHero was designed by an audiologist. The speakers are so tiny that they will never block your ear canal. Each ear simultaneously transfers alternate signals to your brain, so you can still hear whispers from yards away or even talk on the phone while wearing them. The wires are clear, so they're virtually undetectable, too.

Product Specifications

  • Earphones that allow you to hear the world around you
  • Perfect for athletes or super spies
  • Sensitivity - 103.5±3dB
  • Resonance Frequency - F1 peak: 2100 - 2500Hz, F2 peak: 4500 - 5000Hz
  • Impedance - 15.5±1.8 ohms at 1kHz
  • DC Resistance - 12.8±1.5 ohms
  • Isolation - 10 Mohms Min
  • External Size - 4.3 x 5.6 x 2.8 mm
  • Weight - ≤0.27 g
  • Connection via standard 3.5mm audio jack
  • Note: These are really great for what they are -- a safe way for you to listen to your tunes while you exercise. Due to the form factor, they're not going to give you booming bass, soaring treble, etc. But we'll bet you already own headphones that do that.

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