Light Mine Magnetic Orb Flashlight

Won't blow up

  • Not an underwater naval mine or a shock ball
  • It's a flashlight with magnets so you can work hands-free
  • Regular (golf ball size) or Pro (baseball, with moar lights!)

$6.99 - $19.99

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Won't blow up

That headline may be a lie. You see, the folks at Light Mine have assured us on multiple occasions that the Light Mine Magnetic Orb Flashlight is only a flashlight and that its similarity to an underwater naval mine is merely in design, not function. We're inclined to believe them, but The X-Files taught us to Trust No One. In that spirit, we recommend caution when inviting a Light Mine into your home and will offer a full refund if in fact, a Light Mine detonates in your house.

Seriously, though. The Light Mine Magnetic Orb Flashlight is the coolest hands-free lighting device on the block. Simply stick it to any magnet-friendly surface and aim it where you need light. We love it for doing a little DIY around the house (and the magnets come in handy for scooping up wayward screws). It's also a handy friend to have in your car in case of a late-night flat tire or engine trouble. Stick one on the fridge and you'll always have a flashlight handy for when the power goes out!

Product Specifications

  • Looks like an underwater naval mine, but it's a flashlight!
  • Use it to point light exactly where you need it and work hands-free
  • Powerful magnets also make it a great "pick-up" tool for grabbing dropped screws, nails, or hardware
  • Use it for:
    • Fixing a flat tire at night
    • A hazard light for your bike or motorcycle
    • Repairs in dark spaces, like under the sink
    • Adventures in power outages
    • Camping trips, hiking, and outdoorsy stuff
  • Light Mine:
    • About the size of a golf ball
    • 12 neodymium magnets to attach and aim hands-free
    • Super bright white LEDs shed light on the situation
    • Batteries: 3 LR44 (included, replaceable)
  • Light Mine Professional:
    • About the size of a baseball
    • 11 neodymium magnets to attach and aim hands-free
    • Front white lens has 8 LEDs
    • Back red lens has 4 LEDs
    • Four light functions: low power spot, high output flood, red night vision, high visibility signal beacon
    • Batteries: 3 AAA (included, replaceable)