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Minecraft Papercraft Sets

Craft them in real life.

  • Papercraft versions of your favorite Minecraft thingies.
  • Each set includes 30 pieces or more - including stickers.
  • Fully licensed Minecraft playthings.


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Craft them in real life.

Start with the most base item. Combine it with itself and other base items. Eventually, you start building complex things. Then you can spend hours making giant working computer models and Enterprises and things and everyone will be in awe of your dedication and talent. Welcome to Minecraft. Now you have a way to bring the crafting and magic of Minecraft to your desk with these Minecraft Papercraft Sets.

Just pop out the paper and do the tab in the slot sort of things and your Minecraft Papercraft Sets will transform your desk into a real life world of Minecraft. There are monsters and animals and Steves and stickers and . . . so much we just don't have the room to list it all. Plus, the more time we're writing these words, the less time we have to play with our Minecraft Papercraft Sets. And Steve is calling us back into battle - the Creepers have surrounded the tape dispenser.

Minecraft Papercraft Sets

  • For Ages 6 and up.
  • Make papercraft versions of things you love in Minecraft.
  • Easy to assemble blocks, animals, peoples, monsters, and other things!
  • Made of high quality, heavy (and durable) card for long lasting play.
  • Each set comes with stickers.
  • Set Features:
    • Animal Mobs - over 30 pieces - 3 x Pig, 3 x Cow, 3 x Ocelot, 3 x Chicken, 3 x Sheep, 10 x Grass Block, and Stickers!
    • Utility Pack - 30 pieces - Bed, Fence, Chest, and more!
    • Hostile Mobs - over 30 pieces - 3 x Slime, 3 x Creeper, 3 x Witch, 3 x Zombie, 3 x Cave Spider, 10 x Gravel Blocks, and Stickers!
    • Shelter Set - over 48 pieces - 1 x Steve, 1 x Tame Wolf, 2 x Furnace, 2 x Wooden Door, 18 x Wooden Plank Block, 6 x Brick Block, 2 x Glass Block, 12 x Cobblestone Block, Stickers, 1 x Mortar Tape!
    • Snow Set - over 48 pieces - 1 x Snow Golem, 1 x Hostile Wolf, 2 x Iron Door, 12 x Snow Dirt Block, 18 Snow Block, 4 x Ice Block, 6 x Spruce Log Block, Stickers, and Mortar Tape!
    • Minecart Set - over 48 pieces - 1 x Steve in Iron Armor, 1 x Minecart, 2 x Piston, 1 x Furnace, 10 x Iron Blocks, 32 x Minecart Tracks, 4 x Redstone Block, 4 x TNT Block, Stickers, and Mortar Tape!
    • Overworld Deluxe Set - 90 pieces - Crafting Table, Creeper, Pig with saddle, Diamond Armor Steve, Storage Container, and more!
    • One of Each Set - over 324 pieces - One of each set above and lots of exclamation points!!
  • Dimensions: Varies per piece, but for scale: 1 block is 2.5" cubed.

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