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Hats make the chessman!

  • It's RED vs. BLU - this time on the battlefield known as a chessboard.
  • Hats are swappable, creating unique hybrid playing pieces.
  • DLC included in each box!
  •

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Hats make the chessman!

When the troops from Reliable Excavation & Demolition and Builders League United aren't on the battlefield, they often unwind in the green room together. They sip sodas, eat cheese-flavored snacks, and play board games. But not just any board game. They play chess. Ah, chess - that classic game that simulates two sides on a battlefield. TWO SIDES AT WAR!!! The tables flip and the guns come out. It's RED vs. BLU all over again in this Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Chess Set.

Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Chess Set is an absolutely beautiful rendition of chess. BLU pieces vs RED pieces, with a twist. That's right: HATS!! The pieces of Team Fortress 2 Chess have hats that literally twist off (using Construct-o-Lock technology) and can be swapped between pieces. What happens when hats switch? Even more TF2 zaniness. Oh, and you don't just get these wicked pieces when you get a Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Chess Set. You just don't get the game board. You get even more - some DLC love for the video game. Because Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Chess Set is the gift that keeps on giving. Just like the Pyro's fire. Awwww.

Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Chess Set

  • It's chess, as fought by the RED and the BLU of Team Fortress 2.
  • Hats can be swapped for crazy added gameplay.
  • Includes some DLC for TF2: the Grandmaster Hat. Unlike other hats, this one actually changes. It starts as a Pawn and levels up or down (through the chess pieces) correlating to your kill streak.
  • From WizKids Games.
  • Fully-licensed Team Fortress 2 collectible game thing.
  • Dimensions:
    • Game Board: 15" squared.
    • Playing Pieces: 2.5" - 5" tall.

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