Nyan Cat Pint Glass Set

Mmm, Delicious Pastry Cat

  • Four different Nyan Cat characters
  • On 16 oz blue glasses
  • Nyanyanyanyanyan


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Mmm, Delicious Pastry Cat

As geeks and nerds and lovers of all things interwebs, we are all fully aware and in love with Nyan Cat. Nyan Cat combines our love of sugary treats with the undisputed internet mascot, a cat. Created separately, Nyan Cat was originally called Poptart Cat: a drawing done by LOL-Comic creator Christopher Torres as a result of combining a Poptart and a cat. It was then animated into a GIF a few days later. On the other side of the world, a Vocaloid named Hatsune Miku was having one of "her" songs remixed into "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanyan!" Just a few months later, a YouTube user named saraj00n came up with the brilliant idea to combine Torres' GIF with the remixed song. Thus, Nyan Cat was born.

Again, as geeks and nerds and lovers of all things interwebs, we are sure you're aware of all this and have had your fill of Nyan Cat, but what you haven't had your fill of is Fiesta Dog, Zombie Nyan Cat, and Ninja Nyan Cat. This magnificent trio, alongside their leader and sole creator the original Nyan Cat, has graced the internet with their presence in the form of pint glasses. Sure, you could grab your telescope and search the stars, like some people have, for dozens of sleepless fortnights, which we will NEVER get back, or you could just open your cupboard, sit back, relax and drink from the Chalices of Geek. Chalicies? Chalies? Chalices?

Product Specifications

  • Thinkgeek Exclusive
  • Set of four 16 oz. pint glasses
  • Officially Licensed
  • Features Nyan Cat, Zombie Nyan Cat, Fiesta Dog, and Ninja Nyan Cat
  • Love your Nyan Cats, handwash only

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