Fashion Science

  • Foot armor for fans of Portal 2
  • Modeled after the Long Fall Boot
  • Always jump feet first
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Fashion Science

"Gentlemen, I give you the Long Fall Boot. Think of it as foot-based suit of armor for the Portal Device. I'm not gonna lie to you, it's expensive as hell. But check this out: we told this Test Subject to just go ahead and try to land on her head. Heh heh! She can't do it! Good work, boots." ― Cave Johnson

Cave Johnson always had his priorities straight. If you notice, the Long Fall Boot is armor "for the Portal Device." It's not designed to protect the test subject. Those are easily replaceable, after all. The Long Fall Boot ensures a test subject lands on her feet so she doesn't fall and land on the Portal Device. Those are way more expensive to replace!

These Portal 2 Socks are modeled after the Long Fall Boot but will not -- we repeat, WILL NOT -- right you if you try to land on your head. ThinkGeek's Legal Department recommends that you always jump feet first.

Product Specifications

  • Knee-high socks modeled after the Long Fall Boot
  • Foot-based suit of armor for the Portal Device
  • Looks great paired with your orange jumpsuit
  • Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible
  • Materials: Poly/Acrylic blend
  • Fits women's shoe sizes 4-10

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