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NERF Elite Dart Ammo Packs

Dare you to buy the big one!

  • Everyone needs more NERF darts.
  • Choose from 12, 30, 75, or 3000.
  • You know you want to.

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Dare you to buy the big one!

NERF Elite Dart Ammo Packs

There are a couple axioms of NERF war that often seem to be true: 1. Darts are always lost, and B. The side with the most ammo delivers the harshest butt whipping. Well, guess what? We can't make the darts magically not get lost, but we can lessen the impact of lost darts while maximizing your store of NERF ammo. How? Why with these NERF Elite Dart Ammo Packs!

Ok, so we are selling the regular three sizes of NERF Elite Dart Ammo Packs that Hasbro makes (but we've tweaked up the names a little). Choose from the Judge 12-pack, the Jury 30-pack, or the Executioner 75-pack. One of these three might suit your ammo requirements. BUT, if you're like us, you don't just want to dominate, you want to crush. So, we've put together a very special pack of NERF Elite Dart Ammo Packs. We call it the Holy Carp 3000-pack. Yup. In one fell swoop, you can have 3000 NERF Elite darts and totally annihilate your competition. 3000 NERF darts is so many, we're not even sure what it would look like (though we suspect it should, if lined up end to end, reach to at least the Sun and back). 3000 NERF darts . . . . Go ahead; we dare you.

NERF Elite Dart Ammo Packs

  • You need more NERF darts, and do we have some for you!
  • Darts are compatible will all NERF N-STRIKE Elite blasters (see below) and most original N-STRIKE blasters.
  • Remember, NERF Elite blasters can shoot these puppies up to 75 feet!
  • Available in four sizes:
    • Judge 12-pack
    • Jury 30-pack
    • Executioner 75-pack
    • Holy Carp 3000-pack
  • Dimensions: NERF dart-sized.

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