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My cousin Bilbo
Can't stop Vadering. I guess
It's force of hobbit.
--Maria N. from Pittsburgh, PA

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Star Wars Geek Trivia Night: This will be a day long remembered.

The Force was strong with all of you that night. Are you ready for Star Wars references? Because this post has more Star Wars references than Slave Leia fanfics on the Internet (just kidding, that would be impossible). When we... Keep reading.

Mother Knows Best Of Course, But Which Mother Is Best?

While flowers and jewelry and breakfast in bed may be the traditional (and wonderful) ways a lot of people celebrate Mothers' Day, we thought it would be fun to give this upcoming holiday a touch more grit as well. So in the great tournament spirit, we'd like to pit some of our favorite moms from television against some of our favorite moms from the movies to see who most deserves the crown MOM SUPREME. Help us rank the list of moms below and we'll report back with the resulting matchups and winners next week! Keep reading.

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Your Geeky Haiku

Sitting in my lab.
Look at all the mutagens.
I could be super...
-Alex in East Lansing, Michigan

the tricorder broke
communicator is dead
and my shirt is red
-Jeffrey in Dallas, Texas

Use the Force, Malcolm
Gorram reavers on our tail!
Oops, wrong universe.
-Taylor in Montgomery, Alambama

Eat Theobromine.
Drink methyltheobromine.
Heliophobe, I.
-Zach in Tyler, Texas

"Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance." --Sam Brown