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Product Information

I have a great idea for a shirt/product. Will you make it?
We're always open to great new ideas! If you have an idea for a t-shirt, check out our Bounty Program, where we will pay you for your good ideas! Have a non-tshirt product idea or suggestion? Talk to Willie.


Why don't you have more color options for your t-shirts?
The number of shirt colors per design is directly proportional to the number of total dollars spent on inventory and is inversely proportional to the total number of designs available. Basically, we make every item in colors that our customers tell us they like - by either buying certain colors, or simply telling us. If you would like to see different colors, let us know!

How big are the tshirts? What size should I order?
Please see our Sizing Info page for more information.

What about sizing of the ladies' t-shirts?
We use a few different brands of ladies' shirts, but in general, they are small, stretchy and very form-fitting. Please see our Sizing Info page for more information.

Why don't you have more ladies shirts?
Due to lower demand for ladies shirts, we're unable to offer them in all of the same styles as our mens' shirts. We try to do our best to keep our most popular shirts available in both mens and ladies styles, and if we get several requests to make a particular ladies shirt, we try to make it available when we can.

What about XXXL+ sizes? Do you carry them?
In a word... sorta. 3XL and larger sizes are hard to come by, especially in colors other than black and white. For now, we have 3XL in several of our styles, but we can't guarantee that we'll carry them all the time in all the styles. We're definitely keeping our eyes open for those sizes in other colors and for reasonable prices, so keep checking back and we'll update the size selections for the different styles when we can.

Why are so many of your shirts understated?
They are not understated. They are efficient.


Do ThinkGeek's electrical products work outside of the US?
All electronics on our site (unless otherwise noted) run off of 120V standard US current. If you wish to run these items outside of the United States, you may separately purchase an electrical up-converter but this is not guaranteed to work - especially since the cycles can vary product to product (that clock may run a wee bit faster than you expect it to ;). Although we do not have any information on whether our manufacturers plan to make their items compatible with 240 volt systems, if they do become available, we will update our website with the new version.

Caffeine and Drinks

Why do you sell alcohol vessels?
Uh. Geeks drink too.

Can you ship cases of caffeine outside of the U.S.?
No, we dont' ship cases of caffeine outside of the US because the shipping cost is extraordinarily high. For example, from our office in Fairfax, Virginia, it costs about $80 USD to ship an $18.95 case of Jolt to Guam via DHL Express. If you don't mind spending that kind of money on shipping, of course we will accommodate you. Drop us a note to orders@thinkgeek.com to get the rub on shipping some caffeine to your particular country. For European countries, the cost is about $55 USD per case for shipping via DHL Express. For Canada, the cost is about $40 USD per case for shipping.

Well, can you ship any caffeine outside of the U.S.?
Yes and no. We do ship many of our caffeinated products worldwide, but some countries consider caffeine a restricted drug. Please check with your country's laws before ordering (to make sure you actually can import the caffeine goodness you need).

Bulk Orders & Logo Imprinting

Do you offer quantity discounts?
We do offer discounts for higher-quantity orders. Generally, these are orders where the quantity for a certain particular item is 100 or more, for products like Gadgets (laser pointers, Photon lights, watches, etc.) Electronics products, Cube goodies and other toys. The delivery time for higher-quantity orders might be longer than normal, but would probably not exceed 2 weeks in most cases.

If you would like a custom quote, please contact bulk@thinkgeek.com and tell us what product(s) you are interested in and the quantity you would like. Also, please specify the date that you need to have the product(s).

One last thing to note is that we require all orders to be pre-paid. We can grant credit terms only in special circumstances, but this will most likely lengthen the ordering process.

Do you offer logo imprinting?
We also offer custom logo imprinting of your company logo (or clever saying or binary code or whatever) on certain products. This is generally limited to the Gadgets section of products, and requires a minimum order of 100 units. The delivery time will typically be about 4-6 weeks. We do not offer logo imprinting on any of our clothing items. Please contact us if you would like a custom quote for logo imprinting.


What does it mean if my item is Out of Stock?
The item you ordered is not immediately available, but is on order with the supplier, and will be shipped to you as soon as possible (which, in most cases should only be a few days, but in some cases, could be 1-3 weeks after you place your order.)

Will I be charged more for shipping of an Out of Stock item?
There are no additional charges for fulfillment of backordered items. The total you see on the receipt is exactly what we charge, regardless of whether it ships in a single box or multiple packages.

Can I order an Out of Stock item?
Unless otherwise specified on our site, out of stock items are not usually available for purchase. If you would like to be notified when an item comes back in stock, please use the Email me when available link located on the product page of the item you are interested in.