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I have a great idea for a shirt/product. Will you make it?

We're always open to great new ideas! If you have an idea for a shirt, check out our Bounty Program.

I found this great thing; I need to tell you about it.


How big are the shirts? What size should I order?

About like this. *holds hands shoulder width apart* Please see our Sizing Info page for more information.

What about sizing of the ladies' shirts?

Our ladies' shirts vary widely in measurements. Please check the Sizing Info tab on the product page to ensure you select the correct size.

What about XXXL+ sizes? Do you carry them?

In a word... sorta. We have a few that you can find here. If you're looking for a particular shirt to be XXXL+, let us know in the comment section on the product page. Can't promise anything, but we'll try.

Why are so many of your shirts understated?

They are not.


Do ThinkGeek's electrical products work outside of the US?

Sure, if the plugs and volts match the U.S. standard, otherwise... not so much. Best bet would be to check the product page. All electronics on our site (unless otherwise noted) run off of 120V standard U.S. current.

Caffeine and Drinks

Can you ship any edibles outside of the U.S.?