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Why do I need an account to buy stuff?
Your ThinkGeek account will provide you with additional features and conveniences, versus not having an account. The account will allow you to store multiple Billing and Shipping addresses, and you'll only need to enter this information once. The account will also store order history, showing previous orders you have placed using your ThinkGeek account, as well as order status, so you can check to see if your order has been shipped. You'll easily be able to access tracking numbers for your packages. Also, shopping carts that you have started but not completed are stored with your account, so you can retrieve them later.


What can I use as a password for my account?
You can use almost anything for a password. For security reasons, our software requires your password to be at least 5 characters long. Other than that, there are almost no restrictions. You can use letters, numbers, punctuation and so on. You can include whitespace (i.e. space between words) if you like. The length of your password is unlimited. However, passwords are case-sensitive, which means "word" and "Word" are not treated the same. We recommend, for better security, that you use a mixture of letters and numbers and use varied capitalization.

What if I forget my account password, or need to change it?
If your memory fails you, or you forget and accidentally leave it somewhere, you can retrieve a password hint (via e-mail) by visiting the the password page. The hint should jog your memory. If it doesn't, the e-mail will contain instructions for changing your account password. Please keep in mind that no one, including employees of ThinkGeek, can tell what your password is. Our software stores passwords using an advanced one-way encryption algorithm (SHA-1 hashing for the crypto-geeks out there). This means that once your password has been created (or changed), it is stored in a format that can not be decrypted. Therefore, if you ever forget your password, it will have to be changed.


Do you have a catalog?
We do occasionally send out catalogs with a small sampling of the items on our site. You would need to visit our site to view our full selection of products. To receive our catalog, you will need to have a ThinkGeek account. Once you have an account, you can sign up for Snail Mail on your Account Info page.

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How do I sign up for the Exclusive ThinkGeek E-mail Newsletter?
Wanna get the dig about new stuff at ThinkGeek? How about special promotions, discount codes and other goodies exclusively for folks who get our newsletter? Well then, you need to sign up to receive the ThinkGeek Super Fun Happy E-mail Newsletter!

About once every three weeks, we gather up our team of creative monkeys and write an entertaining e-mail for you detailing new and exciting products, interesting tidbits of ThinkGeek-related info, and special promotions. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it! ThinkGeek is dedicated to privacy; we will never ever release your email address to third parties.

To receive our newsletter, you need to have a ThinkGeek account. Once you have an account, you can sign up for the newsletter on your Account Info page.

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How do I get off of your mailing list?
A checkbox to opt-in to ThinkGeek mailing lists is provided when you first enter contact information. You can change or modify this information on your Account Info page. You can also send email to custserv@thinkgeek.com or call us at 888-433-5788.