San Diego Comic-Con

Where to Find Us:

Come visit us behind Hasbro and next to RPX. We're in booth # 3351, but check the map first (don't want you good folks falling into any previously-charted wormholes or tears in space or anything).

It's our ​third year with a booth, so be sure to swing by, say "hello" to our Comic-Con Away Team, give us some free shrugs, and take a picture with Timmy! Along with our most popular items, we'll be carrying all our con exclusives as well.

Other Contests & Prizes:

Win a life-size Terminator statue from Sideshow!

Yep, that’s right—a magnificent life-size replica of the T-800 Endoskeleton Version 2.0. Swing by our booth # 3351, mention this contest, let us scan your badge, and be automagically entered to win! (You can also enter via paper at our booth or online, too!)

This contest closes Saturday, August 29th at 11:59pm PT.

Panels & Freebies:

Looking to score some freebies?
Don't think it'll be so easy! Check here (or on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+) for the password each day before the floor opens, come by our booth # 3351, and tell us the secret phrase to get a mystery goodie!

  • Wednesday: "Hold on to your butts.”
  • Thursday: "Clever girl.”
  • Friday: "Life, uh... finds a way.”
  • Saturday: "We need more teeth.”
  • Sunday: "They do move in herds.”

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Previewing now at Comic-Con

Star Trek TOS: Bluetooth® Communicator

First fully-functional wireless Star Trek communicator - pairs with Bluetooth®-enabled phones. Flip it open and talk just like on the original Star Trek series. We recommend you don't lock phasers on your position.


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( January 2016 )

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