Geek Cams

Welcome to the geek cams! We are pleased to present you with web cams from the ThinkGeek Megaplex for your voyeuristic pleasure!

First up is the JennayCam. If you're lucky you may spot a glimpse of Cisco the grumpy office pooch, or maybe our secondary unicorn mascot Professor Twinklepants. After that is the kitchen cam. Check out what we're eating - woo! Third is the camera in our code monkey habitat, where the software that makes our site run comes from.

The next cam is what we call the Fun Room or alternatively the "Room of Requirement". We use that room for everything from company-wide meetings to training meetings, video game sessions and pot luck lunches. Next is the Willie cam, that will probably not update very often, so don't get your hopes up. Then the Fraize cam. Be on the lookout for tribbles and bags of holding. Rounding out the cams is another one of our "fun" rooms which is really a hybrid of a fun room and a conference room. If you're lucky you might also catch a glimpse of the TimmyCam - tracking Timmy's shenanigans around the office.