ThinkGeek Brick Construction Shirt Contest

UPDATE: Contest is now closed to submissions.

Sure, Nathan Sawaya may be able to build pretty much anything on the planet out of bricks, but you've got some mad skillz too, right?

Now's your chance to prove it, 'cause the baron of the brick has come on board as an honorary ThinkGeekling for our first-ever Brick Shirt Contest.

Surprise, dazzle, and otherwise awe us with your block-building brilliance and you could win a wearable, custom brick sculpture designed by Sawaya and a $500 ThinkGeek gift certificate.

Second place will receive a $250 gift certificate to ThinkGeek, plus a 1,200 piece set of PixelBlocks so you can practice becoming Sawaya 2.0.

Third place will receive a $100 gift certificate to ThinkGeek and a Glennz LEGO Evolution t-shirt.

All three winners will also receive a signed copy of Sawaya's The Art of the Brick, and will have their work featured on the ThinkGeek website. And just so you don't think we're not paying attention over the holidays, every week we'll post the really awesome entries on our blog.

We can't wait to see what you'll come up with. Happy bricklaying!


Here's how the contest works:

1. Your design must fit on a 14x20 stud plate.

This happens to be the same size as the plate on the Brick Construction Shirt. (Gasp! Surprise!) Your design does not need to appear on the shirt, though; you just need to show that your design fits onto the 14x20 grid. This isn't to say you won't get extra points for over-the-top creativity.

2. Your design must be wearable.

Your bricks shouldn't fall off the plate when held at a 90 degree angle, but that shouldn't be hard. We've attached some very large and heavy pieces to the plate without a problem.

3. Your design must use 100% compatible brick systems.

LEGO™, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, K'NEX Bricks™ are all compatible and welcome! Twigs, small rodents, bicycle gears, and dairy products not so much.

4. The contest runs until 11:59PM EST on February 28, 2010. You must get your entry in by the end of the day on 02/28/2010.

Want the fine print? Download a PDF of the contest rules.

UPDATE: Contest is now closed to submissions.

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