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ThinkGeek is headed to Boston for PAX East!

We're at PAX East! Find us at booth #6188.

We're ready to take on PAX East! Find us at booth #6188.

PAX East, here we come!

Hey there, con-monkeys! Who's going to be in Boston this weekend?! We hope to see you there! This is our fourth PAX East and we're excited to spend a weekend in Boston when the temperature is above 40 degrees! Catch the PAX East Away Team at Booth #6188 to purchase your favorite TG goodies and hang out with Timmy!

We've got a lot in store for all you con-goers this weekend, including con exclusives and freebies!

The Official Guide to Stalking ThinkGeek at PAX East 2016

Where to Find Us:

  • For most of the con, you can find us at booth #6188. Along with our newest and most popular items, we'll be carrying some con exclusives as well. Pick 'em up before we run out!


Half-Life Pinny Arcade Pin

Half-Life Pinny Arcade Pin

D20 Pinny Arcade Pin

D20 Pinny Arcade Pin

Critical Hit Galaxy D20s

Critical Hit Galaxy D20s

  • We have a con-exclusive that's OUT OF THIS WORLD! Grab your Galaxy Critical Hit D20s at booth #6188.
  • ThinkGeek is debuting two new Pinny Arcade pins at PAX East this year! We'll have the D20 Pin and the Half-Life pin available, so stop by and get yours before they're gone.


  • Check back here each morning before the show (or follow us on social) to get each day's magic words - then come by the booth to earn yourself a li'l somethin' somethin':
    • Friday: "Test your might!"
    • Saturday: "Flawless victory!"
    • Sunday: "MOOORTAL KOMBAT!"

Can't make it to PAX East?

  • Don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out our latest video game merch:
8-Bit Get a Life Tee

8-bit Get a Life Tee

Don't Quit Tee

Don't Quit Tee

Halo Needler

Halo Needler

See you all there!

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