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Velociraptor? No, VelocirapTOUR!

Timmy & the Doubleclicks!

Timmy & The Doubleclicks!

As part of their Summer 2013 Velciraptour (Tour), we had the pleasure of hosting The Doubleclicks at our HQ on 6/13! If you're not familiar, The Doubleclicks are a nerd-folk sister duo, whose songs touch our geeky hearts in a way that only fellow geeks could. As always, it was a treat to have them here with us. They played some of our favorites, and we got a sneak peek of some of the songs off their new album, Lasers and Feelings. Needless to say, we can't wait to listen to the entire album coming out July 9!

The Doubleclicks performing!

Along with the music, the best part about the Doubleclicks show has got to be the banter between sisters Aubrey & Angela. Timmy's favorite part? Aubrey's yelling of "KHAAAANNN" whilst Angela was singing; given the context - a song about cons... how could she resist?!

The Doubleclicks & attendees!

Thank you to all the brave souls who ventured out and drove through the "derecho" to come watch the show. It was a lovely evening filled with laughter and music (and for those who were lucky, raffle prizes of TG goodies!). We can't wait to see you again!

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