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Vampire Timmy is satisfied!

Thanks for giving blood!

Even Vampire Timmy was kind enough to donate!

...For now.

Thank you to all the TG monkeys & local geeks for donating blood at our HQ on Thursday, 3/28! It's hard to find time during a weekday to visit the ol' Bloodmobile, so your efforts are much appreciated. We hope our mountain of snacks and freebies were enough to refuel you for the rest of the day. (If not, you're gonna have to take it up with Vampire Timmy. Good luck.) Because of you, we were able to meet our goal: 27 pints altogether!

Inova Blood Donor Services

Unfortunately, our monkeys were too drained to nab a photo of the Bloodmobile, but thank you to Inova Blood Donor Services for all your help! We hope to do this again in the future, as there were some monkeys who were suffering from a classic case of PAX East con plague and too germy to participate. They want in on the blood sucking action, too!

Thanks again for your help in saving lives! Every drop counts.

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