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ThinkGeek auctions for Computer CORE!

Wee, used shinies!

ThinkGeek monkeys Bill, Erin, and Zack with their "new" shinies! Tarpley is jealous in the background.

We all remember our first introduction to computers. You may type 100 WPM now, but remember when it was more like 1?! That seems like forever ago.

There are those who haven't had the opportunity to pick up these skills, though, and we want to help change that. With this in mind, our awesome IT guy, Tim, and WTFun Committee organized a computer auction! We rounded up all the old, unused computers in our office, wiped them clean, and auctioned them off to the ThinkGeek staff. Their form of payment was a donation to Computer CORE, a local Northern Virginia organization dedicated to improving the lives of low-income adults by providing them with the basic computer and life skills they need to pursue their career aspirations and dreams.

All the computers!

The pickings: MacBook Pro, Dell laptop, or Mac mini!

These bad boys flew off the cart, and altogether we were able to donate $1,510 to assist Computer CORE in their cause.

ThinkGeek Computer Auction

The WTFun Committee & ThinkGeek staff getting the auction party started!

Good work, monkeys! Timmy is quite pleased.

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