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Behind the scenes: ThinkGeek commercial shoot

When we launched Mega Stomp Panic, our audio costume that senses your steps and inserts sound effects, we thought we'd try something new and make a commercial for it--the kind that might be seen on your tee-vee. (Have you seen it yet? Let us know in the comments!)

This was a first for us; we even rented a space for the shoot and painted, floored, and dressed the set. ThinkGeek photographer Michael had the presence of mind to set up a timelapse camera to show the progress as we got things in shape and filmed the commercial.

Here, watch the hard part first:

And then, voila, a commercial was born! If you see this on your old-fashioned entertainment delivery device, aka television, let us know:

Some more pics from the shoot:

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meaningless icon! Not on commercial TV. but I just saw it on YouTube! Like literally 5 minutes ago.
smacknee said this 592 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm guessing is so you can better gauge traffic derived from the commercial? Pretty nifty! I'll keep an eye out for it here in Alexandria.
toniwbusch said this 592 days ago.

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