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Up to 60% off because it's Friday!

Up to 60% off because it's Friday!

It's that Friday--the one where people get hurt at malls just trying to get through the door. We'll stay at home with our hot cocoa, thanks.

If you're like us and plan to peruse the interwebs at your own pace, you may appreciate our Black Friday deals, with some items discounted up to 60% off.

Here are some of our favorites that may or may not actually fit in a stocking but are still pretty cool:

There are lots more in the complete Black Friday list, which you should totally check out after you refresh your cocoa. We'll wait here while not even one single person will get trampled.

Happy Day After Thanksgivingmas!

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meaningless icon! Will you also have Cyber Monday deals?
lfcp said this 608 days ago.

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