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Back to School teacher challenge!

School starts soon! Resistance is futile

Disclaimer: We don't actually think teachers are the Borg.

We love learning, and teachers love teaching, so it should come as no surprise that ThinkGeek would donate $1,000 towards a DonorsChoose Back to School challenge for teachers.

Starting today, DonorsChoose is asking their community to share their favorite elementary school memory by noon EST on Tuesday, September 18. Ten winners will each receive a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate and will be emailed their prize at the conclusion of the contest.

Will the winners have to use the funds to purchase educational items for classroom use? Not necessarily. Could they pick up a Wampa Rug for comfy classroom reading breaks? Sure. How about a Star Trek Electronic Door Chime to put on their classroom entrance? Maybe. Will we encourage them to pick up a few Annoy-a-trons to keep their students on their toes? Absolutely.

If you're an educator--or know one who could use some ThinkGeek goodies--head on over to DonorsChoose's blog and enter!

And good luck out there this semester, teachers and students.

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