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Want to be calendar-famous?

Calendar time!

It's time to start thinking about next year.

Yes, we know that we've still got a precious couple of weeks of summer left, but we're already starting to work on our 2013 Custom Despair Calendar--the one that we fill with geeky days of note, nerdy facts and holidays both real and imagined.

Once upon a time we did this all ourselves, but a couple of years ago we realized that the masses were smarter as a whole than the individual alone and decided to crowd source this project. It worked out fabulously. We received and printed so many notable you-submitted dates that we're doing it again this year--and we're giving away $100 to one lucky date-submitting human to boot!

So submit your other-universe historic date, holiday, geeky factoid or point in history using the form below and if we decide to use your idea, you'll be automatically entered to randomly win a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate. If you're the winner we'll notify you by email as soon as the dates are finalized and the calendar is set to print.

Here are some examples of what we're looking for:

  • August 27th: International Cosplay Day! Dress up like somebody you love.
  • September 19th: Talk Like a Pirate Day! YAAAR!
  • October 19th: W00tstock was born in 2009 and a generation of geeks rejoices.
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meaningless icon! Tia Marie is awesome day (Mar 13) Pi Day (Mar. 14) Yuri’s Night (Apr. 12) Star Wars Day (May 4) Towel Day/Geek Pride Day (May 25)
Ms Tia Marie said this 1922 days ago.

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