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Buy one t-shirt, get one half off!

Enterprise on the back of a 747

It's time for some new chest armor.

With the warm months coming and the sun shining down on us all, we've begun to realize that our comfy t-shirts are looking faded and worn. Yours probably are too, after the long and balmy winter.

For a limited time, we're offering a deal; Buy one t-shirt, and get the second one 50% off. Just in time for the summer armor upgrade.

The details:This offer applies to t-shirts and t-shirts only. Non-t-shirt stuff like hoodies, work shirts, polos, interactive shirts, chain mail and satellites are excluded. This t-shirt deal may not be combined with other offers and may disappear when the overlords see fit.

So get that shirt you've been staring at, and grab one for your Mother-unit while you're at it! Mother's Day is on the horizon, after all.

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