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Happy Talk...Like Shatner...Day!


Why is today International Talk Like Shatner Day? Because it is both William Shatner's and Captain Kirk's birthday!

In their honor, we are holding a contest--and it involves this mask. (PDF download warning!) Just click to download and print. You'll need to supply your own scissors, and a word of warning--you might attract some interesting alien species if you wear the mask for long.

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook feeds today for photos from fellow Kirk-a-likes!

P.S. We're posting our favorite photos here. Keep refreshing for new Kirkfaces!

EDIT! We have our winners! Direct your jealousy to these geeks:
Melissa L. and her eCommerce team.
Joshua H., who brings the swankiness.
Kristin S., Classic Tactical.

Congratulations, winner-types! We'll email you to verify your information before gathering the loot to send to you.

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meaningless icon! I love this contest. <3
Naky said this 763 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks to this contest, my coworkers think I'm extra insane. :)
Ms Tia Marie said this 762 days ago.

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