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Unicorn poop cookies. Let that concept sink in for a moment.

We think that Unicorn Poop pretty much sums up the pleasantly confusing unrelated batch of links that we shared this week. Fascinating, sparkly, and utterly incongruous.

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Best crocheted cyclops costume or BESTEST crocheted cyclops costume? (Craftzine)

Magnets + Gravity = A pretty awesome stool! (Vimeo)

Please say hi to the tiniest frog ever. (BBC News)

Mmm, delicious poop! (Instructables)

A Saturn V, in LEGO. (Flickr)

A teenage ZOMBIE romance? Please say it ain't so!. (Comingsoon)

Quick! Click away before it rolls ove...Oops. Now you're dead from cute. (Dailymail)

Hello, is this the mashup you're looking for? (Vimeo)

He's only the most delicious Storm Trooper ever. (Oakleaf Cakes)

Could the Death Star destroy a planet? Maybe! (Smithsonian)

A transparent, recursive google image search. Awesome, but beware the NSFW images scattered though! (Vimeo)

Prettiest LOTR cake EVER. (CakeCentral)

One ring to rule them all? (The Daily What)

SCIENCE! (YouTube)

Want more information on SOPA/PIPA? We've got you covered. (Various)

How NOT to handle liquid nitrogen (YouTube)

Come to the Bark Side, we have biscuits. (MentalFloss)

My little Pony: Skyrim is Magic (YouTube)

Super Awesome LEGO Hobbit set. (Nerd Approved)

Trafic jams move like shockwaves. Unsurprising! (YouTube)

Lord Voldemort has returned! (Nerd Approved)

Best or worst Batman programming pun? Either way, we're entertained. (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Daleks or shuttle engines? It may already be too late. (NASA)

Every presentation, EVER. (YouTube)

This is so mind bogglingly cool, it's akin to magic. (YouTube)

Duck? (Space)

Noooo! Say it ain't so! (Guardian)

Is anyone else hungry right now? No?

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