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The Prince of Darkness and Nerdist walk into a studio

Heavy Metals!

Mercury amuses the Prince of Darkness.

The monkeys here at ThinkGeek HQ get busy sometimes. So busy that watching our podcasts sometimes falls by the wayside until the geeky commotion slows down and we can catch up with all of our missed episodes in one long marathon of awesomeness.

Heavy metals met Heavy Metal and this is what happened.

We were mid-awesomeness-marathon one day recently when we noticed a very familiar shirt on Chris Hardwick (AKA The Nerdist) as he interviewed musical legend and probable demigod Ozzy Ozbourne for the crowdsourced Digg Dialog podcast (which you must watch, by the way).

Chris was wearing our Heavy Metal t-shirt in the most fantastically appropriate context ever. The Prince of Darkness himself even approved with a smile. That was before attempting to choke Chris, granted, but that's just Ozzy being Ozzy. Right?

Anyhow, regardless of the awesome shirt worn in an amazing context, the interview is worth a watch. Ozzy answers questions from Digg readers on his opinions of the music industry today, goes on about who inspires him and why, and tells us what it was like to be part of the birth of metal. It's fantastic and well worth the half hour.

Thank you for sharing this incredible interview with us, Chris!

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meaningless icon! Fantastic.
h4ll13 said this 986 days ago.
meaningless icon! Un buen disco y ahora a disfrutarlo. saludos. Julián.
tachuela said this 985 days ago.

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