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Let us help you with your post Hallowe'en recovery

Owwie, my eyes.

This explains so much.

If you're still recovering from the sugar coma goodness of Hallowe'en, you probably need something to stimulate your now-sleepy braaains. We've gathered some still slightly Hallowe'en-y links from last weeks Twittering and Facebooking for you, which will hopefully be just interesting enough to get you back on your mental feet. Enjoy!

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Oh Hey! Ken Jennings has a sign! (And a blog!) (Ken-Jennings)

We're wondering what's in the bottles, actually. (Between the pages blog)

The importance of video games in our culture (YouTube)

The art of video games (Smithsonian)

Complex organic matter, everywhere? (Science Daily)

PRETTY. (Komo News)

GLaDOS fascinator (

Flexible screens? The future is now! (CNet)

Have a Hallowe'en Flickr set full of monkeys! (Flickr)

The anatomy of a pumpkin. (Skull a day)

Glowing candy!? That HAS to be good for you. (Craftzine)

I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the corg from me! (Flickr)

So many people shared their pumpkins and costumes with us on Hallowe'en! Here's half of them! (

And the second half of all of the shared costumes and pumkins from Hallowe'en! (

A bright spot on Uranus? Whatever could it be? (Skymania)

Nature is disgusting ftw (YouTube)

Coolest. Teacher. Ever. (YouTube)

Here, have a dragon! (Flickr)

Daily Stormtrooper. You're welcome! (Flickr)

The Terminator, pre-motorcycle (YouTube)

What a jerk! (YouTube)

Warm, cozy brains. (Google+)

An electric multicopter? Yes please! (YouTube)

NaNoWriMo kicked off November 1! (

It gives you social energy! (Amazon)

Blech. We can still sort of taste the candy corn, and it's been three days!

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