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You know the tune

Owwie, my eyes.

Go ahead, try to count them all.

Pumpkins and fake guts and transformer stitches, ninjas and corgis and puppy dog liches, dancing ice clouds and conversations, these are a few of our favorite things!

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Don't stare too long, you might get a headache. (Seibertron)

Pumpkin battery. Enough said. (Instructables)

Pumpkin Keg!? Yes please! (Instructables)

WAKE UP! (Mikey Rots)

They would be cute. If they weren't busy drinking blood. (YouTube)

Please hammer, don't hurt 'em! (Washington Post)

Mmm, Guts. (No, really!) (Evil Mad Scientist)

Your Halloween decorations have just been blown out of the water. (YouTube)

This ninja would like to challenge you to a fight. (YouTube)

Punkin chunkin: It's never too early to learn. (YouTube)

Optimus Prime Cross Stitch...pattern? (Etsy)

Consider this inspiration. (villafanestudios)

Set your "AWW!" phasers to stun. (Buzzfeed)

Tim Gunn on Star Trek TOS and gender. AWESOME. (YouTube)

Apparently, the game is afoot. (BoingBoing)

Nature always stays weird. (Bad Astronomer's blog at Discover magazine)

No! Say it isn't so!? (The Register)

Well that's something you don't see every day. (Reddit)

Sure you can juggle Rubik's cubes, but can you solve them at the same time? (YouTube)

I vant to nom your kibble. (YouTube)

Zombie pet topiary. Srsly impressive. (SrslyCute)

Epic Auroras are happening right now. Look up!. (Discovery)

Braaaiiinsss? (Inhabitat)

We'll stop singing now, promise.

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