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Cave Johnson here...

A young Cave Johnson. Full of fire. Spark. Grits.

Cave Johnson here, bringing you links from our perilous last week of internet surfing. As a surprise for our test subjects, we've hidden lasers and thermal deconstruction fields in the code. Enjoy the scientific process, folks!

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

You moment of Zen for today. (YouTube)

William Shatner recording Iron Man. No really! (YouTube)

Tiny Panda pods, sleeping! Must. resist. Urge. To Cuddle. (Boing Boing)

Krangtatt hungers! (Daily picks and flicks)

The new iPhone is a lot bigger than we expected... (Dailymail)

Good news everyone! Zoidberg's been transformed into a warm hat and mittens! (Instructables)

Respect your elders. Especially when they rock the Imperial March. (YouTube)

It even has an R2 unit! (Makezine Blog)

Yeah, we kind of wish she were our mom, too. (Julie Gillrie Blogspot)

Are you having a sudden craving for a pudding pop? Or Pi? (Imgur)

Put on your headphones and watch this. You're welcome. (Vimeo)

Photo realistic portraits made from...thread!? (

Angry Birds costumes? Do they come with eggs? Ooo, or a slingshot!? (Kotaku)

So. Busted. (YouTube)

This was our reaction when we first saw Empire, too. (YouTube)

Little Liam is introduced to the Dino wall for the first time! Awww! (The Karpuik's Flickr)

So heartwarming, so confusing. (I Heart Chaos)

The ocean was bioluminescent for a bit?? Nature is so awesome. (YouTube)

We've been opening doors incorrectly for SO LONG. *Hangs head* (YouTube)

Sure it's 21 minutes, but it's 21 minutes of awesome. (YouTube)


14 words with no English translation. Awesome! (Mental Floss)

1.Pull popsicle stick fuse. 2. Pause. 3. OMG. (YouTube)

OmNom Delicious Wampa! (Geeks Are Sexy)

NooooNooooNooooNooooo! (YouTube)

Riddles are not Batman's strong point. (College Humor)

Congratulations, you've survived! You may now enjoy your cake.

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