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Do you know where your Timmy sticker is?

Timmy and his self-sticker on our conference room door

If you ordered from us in the last month, you might have been miffed to find that the warehouse Stickerbot didn't lovingly tuck a Timmy sticker into your box.

Don't worry; the Stickerbot hasn't forgotten about you and will totally return your calls as soon as he gets a minute away from the box assembly office! We just ran out of Timmys for a bit, and they're back in stock as of September 13--with an important upgrade care of the nice folks at MapHook.

We have a new contest called the Sticker Map Project, and all it takes to enter is a photo of your Timmy sticker in its new home, where ever it may be.

How to enter our Sticker Map Project:

  1. Stick your Timmy and take a photo of its new home. (You may choose to apply it directly to the forehead for best results.)
  2. Log into MapHook via our main Sticker Map page here.
  3. Hook it in the "Geek Culture" category under "Timmy Sticker."

Each month we'll choose a random $100 gift certificate winner from that month's group. Pretty simple.

We hope the map fills out soon because the Timmys are looking a little lonely right now, and we want to see a vast, monkey-face fungus spread across the globe as he sticks himself to your laptops, doors, bumpers, cube walls, and cats.

Did we mention extra points for cats?

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meaningless icon! no comments! oh no! I love my timmy stickers. I always give them to my 3 year old nephew--he loves monkeys!--and now I must take a photo... -Erin
evolet0680 said this 2343 days ago.
meaningless icon! After I read this article, I went and found my Timmy sticker from my last order. Then I looked at my cat, and she looked at me. And I looked at my sticker, and back at my cat, and back at the sticker.... and finally decided that she might rip my face off if I stuck the Timmy sticker on her, so I decided to forgo "extra points for cats" and put it somewhere that will result in less pain for me.
ThatCrazyGirl said this 2343 days ago.
meaningless icon! I've never gotten a timmy sticker. Although my orders have only been within the July, August and September, I think. But I did get free monkey breath.
Mousesmacker said this 2343 days ago.
meaningless icon! Can't wait till i get my stuff i ordered in tomorrow! I'll post my pic the second i get it!
Ninjatoaster said this 2343 days ago.
meaningless icon! Can't wait till my stuff gets in tomorrow so i can post a pic of my sticker!
Ninjatoaster said this 2343 days ago.
meaningless icon! I added Timmy visiting my dog (she is recovering from her spay) do i get extra points for dogs too? :-) The picture got cropped in the hook though so you can only see Timmy if you open the whole pic from inside the hook :-(
Dharmakb said this 2342 days ago.
meaningless icon! I has no Timmy stickers. *sniffle* I like to hope he is with me in spirit.
ResidentWeevil said this 2341 days ago.
meaningless icon! My house is covered! I'll get my camera out.
10kiki24 said this 2341 days ago.
meaningless icon! Awww I didn't get a sticker. :( Oh well..guess that means I need to order something else... :3
Phantom13 said this 2341 days ago.
meaningless icon! After much annoyance of figuring out how to work the website I got my picture up. >:3 Nothing like a Guard Monkey to protect your Prrrrrecioussss! :D
Adalaide said this 2340 days ago.
meaningless icon! Where can we see pics of where other people stuck their stickers?
BinaryFairy said this 2288 days ago.

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