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A brief journey through time, and a drunken moose

Quantum MAGIC!

Physicist? Wizard? Perhaps a little of BOTH.

Once again we prove that the internet is a font of interesting information. For example, the list of links below that we've gathered for you over the past week.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Women fighters in reasonable armor. Finally. (Womenfighters.tumblr)

Mario plus Portal? This might be the perfect game. (YouTube)

Help some hens stay warm! (Little Hen Rescue)

Now with extra "Nooooooooo!" (NY Times)

Help our friend Len Peralta fun Geek a Week series 2.0 via Kickstarter! (Kickstarter)

Cyborg Beetles. We would like to adopt a small herd, thanks! (PopSci)

Oh those tricksy iPhone prototypes. (SF Weekly)

The Legend of Zelda theme on Marimba. Yep, it's awesome! (YouTube)

Video Game Controllers EVOLVE! (PopChart Lab)

Proof that anything set to Lux Aeterna becomes a thousand times more epic. (YouTube)

Acapella Doctor Who theme, Steve Moffatt approved! (YouTube)

No more taking off shoes at the airport might mean faster security processing. Woot! (Atlantic Wire)

Sharper views of the Apollo landing sites, because we want to see every groove in that footprint. (NASA)

Delicious *Hic* Apples *Hic* Must. Have! (Asylum)

Turn up the volume. Trust us. (YouTube)

An Ecto-Cooler recipe! Finally! (Ghostbusters, Chicago Division)

We're going the FUTURE! (NiceKicks)

Quantum physics, intricate armor, drunken ungulates, what's not to like?

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