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Alternately delicious and awe-inspiring

Delicious? Delicious!

Yes folks. This is a CAKE.

It's a short list of links this week, but that will soon change as we are going to be at SDCC next week (and we'll post about our plans soon). So enjoy these delicious and awe-inspiring treats and prepare yourself for an onslaught of awesome!

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

*SIGH* (Abstruse Goose)

Waaait for it...*FOOMP* (The Mary Sue)

Panterragaffe, a two-person walking machine. We need one now. (YouTube)

A complete PS2 game library. SEALED. *Boggle* (Playstation Collecting)

Leptocephalus. Weirdly creepy, yet breathtakingly beautiful. (YouTube)

Meet Marco and his new singing nipple. (YouTube)

This has to be just about the best bag ever. (Etsy)

A flying car gets the green light from the Feds. Time to start saving up for a fleet! (Geekosystem)

Tiny screech owls are silently judging you. (YouTube)

Baby Liam of Dinosaur-art nursery fame is a week old! Welcome to the world, little guy! (

Happy Belated Birthday, Ryan! This cake is apparently NOT a lie! (Flickr)

This Russian blue kitten saves the world from a fate worse than death: apples. (YouTube)

That's not a crocodile, THIS is a croco...HOLY SMOO! (The Austrailian)

This Hogwarts cake is too beautiful to eat. Dammit, Duff! (Charm City Cakes)

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be eaten by a silverback gorilla...well, here you go! (YouTube)

Anything tagged "Lightning" and "Mordor" has to be awesome. And this is, in the traditional sense. (Boing Boing)

That's all folks! See you at SDCC!

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