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Away Mission: Pumpkin Patch


Today the ThinkGeek monkeys ventured into the wilds of Fairfax to harvest pumpkins suitable for slaughter. We managed to gather our samples and escape the herds of feral children before our ship jumped into warp.

We encountered many curiosities on our journey.

patch-cornundrum.jpg patch-pumpkineers.jpg patch-piggies.jpg

(More photos and video in our Pumpkin Patch Flickr set.)

The only thing left to do is hack into our pumpkin haul mercilessly and we've got a whole pile of great template ideas from our contest. We'll show some of our artistic handiwork on our Friday, October 30th broadcast.

Some of our favorites are below, and there's still time to enter to win a Tauntaun sleeping bag!


Don't Panic by FuziDave

Big Bang Theory by Madyson125

Super Mario 1-1 by ominousoat

Eye of Sauron by Tinnurien

C3PO by spirid0n

Domo kun by adamviolet

Timmeh-o-Lantern by whataslacker

Mooninites by Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Poe by raphaelsmuse5

Blue Sun by Shimo

Bender by The Bender Pumpkin

Timmy on Tauntaun (!) by Rindoshi

Enterprise by maddoghoek

Pumpkin cells by CaptDNA

Silly walk by Gigaflar3

Anne Stoke's Arachnoid by

Stargate by GeekyOne

Mouse-powered pumpkin by LT55

Dalek by doctordonna



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meaningless icon! Can't wait to see the TG team's pumpkin carving skills in action! (especially Timmy's)
Londonbrig0 said this 1730 days ago.
meaningless icon! Great pictures! Beautiful pumpkins!I love fall, I think I love it even better than spring. I have one huge pumpkin on my pumpkin plant, but it's still green! Don't know what happened this year and why there's only 1 but hoping it turns orange at least before Thanksgiving! <a href="">usb speicher</a>
kristianna said this 1728 days ago.

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