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Attack of the Zombie Dreamcasts

Turns out that some of our new-in-box Sega Dreamcasts delivered to us magically via unicorn are a little love-worn. You might have seen the Gizmodo, Destructoid, and Consumerist posts about it.

'Cause, see, we don't really know where these Dreamcasts came from--could've been a liquidator, a Circuit City that had closed shop, or a 7-11. We just don't know, and it looks like returned merchandise is in the mix.

So now we've decided to QA/QC all the incoming Dreamcasts to ensure fresh and crispy game play.

Behold Hans working through a pile of consoles and slapping them with "QC PASSED" stickers when they meet muster, just like in the movies! He takes his job very seriously, hugging each console before snuggling it back into its box.

But not really. That would be creepy.


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meaningless icon! You guys always rock, going the extra mile on stuff like this - always much appreciated!
codemunky said this 1880 days ago.
meaningless icon! Checking and reboxing consoles makes me have twitching flashbacks to my days of working for Software Etc/Gamestop. :P
FXrobot said this 1880 days ago.
meaningless icon! LOL. I first read that as "...humping each console before snuggling it back into its box."
etherknight said this 1877 days ago.
meaningless icon! How if you can find some un-opened games to sell! :)
AutomaticLimit said this 1871 days ago.

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