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It's the most returny time of the year!

It might startle you to learn that some people return their ThinkGeek goodies after the holidays.

We assume that some items just don't fit. Or maybe grandma got a lil' laser-pointer happy this year. The alternative is just unnatural.

And thus we are confronted with mountains of boxes in our smallish Fairfax, Virginia office, where our customer service monkeys sort and reship items back to our warehouse in New Jersey.

Every afternoon Mt. Boxmore is moved; each morning a new craggy peak appears. And our FedEx, UPS, and USPS delivery people are our friendly sherpa guides. (We <3 Chuck, Shirley, and Crazy Cross-Eyed Bob.)

mtboxmore1.jpg mtboxmore2.jpg
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meaningless icon! Wait... I'm still confused. People RETURN stuff TO Thinkgeek... *shakes head*
AutomaticLimit said this 2112 days ago.
meaningless icon! Who the heck would return a ThinkGeek gift?! Hahaha, I just realized that's essentially what AutomaticLimit just posted...
Marc F. said this 2111 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ah yes, Mt. Returnage. I'm convinced that it's actually there all the time, but simply cloaked most of the year. Then, Customer Service simply turns the cloaking device back on, and it goes away. Right, Janel?
Jacob said this 2111 days ago.
meaningless icon! Who gets to open all of them? ;)
Magmma said this 2111 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Magmma Me! And about 10 other people. It's like Christmas every day!
Danny said this 2111 days ago.
meaningless icon! More like antiChristmas. You get paid to open boxes of stuff you already had, but had sent to someone else. Man I'm glad I don't do holidays. Pictures like these make me sad.
etherknight said this 2110 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hmm, prehaps Thinkgeek could do a grab-bag of all these used toys? I'd be up for buying a few...
Sir Versago said this 2109 days ago.
meaningless icon! Yea, me, too. Like the companies that sell promotional items do.
peahen said this 2108 days ago.
meaningless icon! Return things?! Wow u have an amazing "Automated Return System!" Cause i ordered something two weeks ago & just found out that it Returned itself! So start sending those, so called "Returned Packages" to there customers!
zinc said this 2108 days ago.
meaningless icon! NEWS FLASH: Conspiracy theory - ThinkGeek is run by AI bots who don't want us humans to enjoy are blinky-winky toys!
zinc said this 2108 days ago.
meaningless icon! There's an idea. Kinda like does with the B.O.C. Just a bag of random stuff for $10. It's a big hit there on the Wootoffs.
AutomaticLimit said this 2108 days ago.
meaningless icon! HEY!! Who gets the monkey breath bags from the boxes?? Ohh the great monkey breath :)
Mustadio said this 2107 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm with the others...who would send back ThinkGeek stuff?? I love everything I've ever gotten and if I tire of something, there is always another Geek without in my circle who would love the thingie for a while.
HELONURS said this 2106 days ago.
meaningless icon! @ Mustadio Yeah I loved the Monkeybreath packing poppers too! Best use of corporate revenue ever.
etherknight said this 2105 days ago.
meaningless icon! I work for FedEx. And I'm willing to take those off your hands for free! I'm such a good person.
xocxspankyx88x said this 2097 days ago.
meaningless icon! NO!
IRManGuy said this 2075 days ago.
meaningless icon! I bought my dad a bunch of thinkgeek stuff a few years back and he returned it and made me get him something off his amazon wishlist. He threw a hissy fit, I couldn't believe that he would do such a thing but it happened... WTF.
GiantVeggie said this 2061 days ago.

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