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ThinkGeek Hearts Cake

It's a cakey Friday here at ThinkGeek HQ. The monkey that invented the 8-bit tie is having a birthday today and what better cake than an 8-bit Tie cake! YUM!

8bit-tie-cake.jpgIn more cake news, yesterday's episode of Ace of Cakes included Duff wearing our DO NOT WANT t-shirt. We were lucky enough to take a trip up to Baltimore to meet Duff, Mary Alice and crew a while back, and they are amazingly cool. We'll blog about our trip in a future post, so stay tuned. Check out Duff rocking the LOLZ:

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meaningless icon! I should've worn that tie on the interview! I've always wondered - how do those cakes taste? I've had a few cakes like that and the fondit (sp?) never tasted that good.
Scott Savage said this 2906 days ago.
meaningless icon! Happy Birthday Tie!
RudeDude said this 2906 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Scott Savage Fondant can really range from tasting really nasty to something like taffy. It's a real crap shoot. But usually what's under the fondant is tasty enough that you can leave it off without worry. The tie cake was yummy!
Jen said this 2906 days ago.
meaningless icon! Cake+ Thinkgeek = ThinkCake? Can you say possible affiliate site? Happy Birthday Tie!
Dash said this 2906 days ago.
meaningless icon! Cooper and I are hurt that our cake didn't make it to this blog! :-)
said this 2893 days ago.
meaningless icon! Check out the awesome Mario cake my friend made me for my birthday this year!!! <img src = ""/>
avheatherim said this 2893 days ago.
meaningless icon! you guys are pretty hilarious... love the 8-bit tie!
ephricon said this 2886 days ago.
meaningless icon! That is beyond awesome. Ace of Cakes make artists and cooks look cool.
Princess Leia said this 2881 days ago.
meaningless icon! As a baker and geek... There is NO reason for fondant... EVER! It is a cheap, easy way out of decorating a cake. At best, it tastes like a foot. At worst, and usually... I don't have the words for it... I love the ideas behind "Ace of Cakes," but hate the production...
Cubas said this 2879 days ago.
meaningless icon! One does not eat fondant. It is only nominally edible. The icing below the fondant is normally buttercream. When serving a fondant covered cake, the fondant is cut off. I am a chef-type geek.
TSGOTU said this 2868 days ago.

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