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Random ThinkGeek Customer Email #354

If you ever needed convincing that Bawls has almost supernatural powers, check out this customer e-mail we received:

   "i got a case o bawls and im running low so im ordering more. 
omg i drank one and i freaked about how it kept me awake i
cant believe the bawls guarana works. im buying more so can
u ship it fast? hey do you get free stuff because you work for
think geek? think geek rocks and the wait our monkey are
processing your order is funny keep up the excellent work"

We're not sure exactly who it was that sent us that email, but we suspect it was this guy:


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meaningless icon! lolz, that looks like me after 10 cups of coffee
Wolfman235 said this 2134 days ago.
meaningless icon! Now if only you could find a way to smuggle it out of the country and ship to the Land Down Under :( The Caffeinated mints only tide you over for so long...
SirCrumpet said this 2134 days ago.
meaningless icon! That almost seemed like he was a wee bit hyper but it sounds like he loves bawls.
Marklark said this 2134 days ago.
meaningless icon! BAWLZZ!
Guitarbandit90 said this 2127 days ago.

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