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Buh Bye Jack! It's been fun.

The news came down yesterday that our old pal Jack Thompson has been disbarred. We sure will miss the hours of entertainment he provided us, as well as the emails and faxes he sent us ranting about our role in the decline of humanity for supporting video gaming and those crazy guys over at Penny Arcade.

jack-thompson2.jpgBuh bye Jack, ya old fart.

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meaningless icon! Woo hoo! About time! Yayayayayayayay!!!!
Scott Savage said this 2128 days ago.
meaningless icon! Awsome
Da-real-L337 said this 2128 days ago.
meaningless icon! Good riddance to the jerk that yelled at me within a week of me starting at ThinkGeek!!
KawaiiKiller said this 2128 days ago.
meaningless icon! So you got to live out every nerd's dream of ignoring Jack Thompson, to his face! Lucky bastard!
spitfire6006006 said this 2126 days ago.
meaningless icon! OMGosh! He went after you guys 2? Ha ha! Wow. looong...SUCKER!
TheFaro said this 2109 days ago.
meaningless icon! kthxbai!:D!
IRManGuy said this 2097 days ago.
meaningless icon! woohoo!
Smoke353 said this 2078 days ago.

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