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ThinkGeek on Modern Marvels

A while back, we had the fine folks from the History Channel come by the glorious ThinkGeek Megaplex to film an episode of Modern Marvels. It was really cool to be part of such a great show, and the crew were a friendly bunch who were not at all afraid of our pack of dogs. We demoed all kinds of gadgets from helicopters to the Bluetooth Laser Keyboard and the Wifi Detector Shirt. We were geeking out pretty severly, but it was all in the name of entertainment, and as you may know, geeks are nothing if not entertaining!

Here's a shot of the setup to film one of the segments of the show. They had a lot of stuff, and oh boy is it intimidating to be shot up close in HD. Aiee! Watch for us in reruns of Modern Marvels - Episode 506 - Gadgets 3!


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meaningless icon! That's cool
Dash said this 2859 days ago.
meaningless icon! lol here's hoping yall expand out so i can get a job with you, lol at least in texas =)
Darkgeekrocker said this 2859 days ago.
meaningless icon! More gadgets in the office? I bet you about fainted and were overwhelmed with all the machinery, not to mention wanted to play with it a lil! Kinda like when I see other ppl's puters, I wanna see more and do more and and Dangit these addicting THINGS! xD
Ima Peccable said this 2858 days ago.
meaningless icon! that was a cool episode. downloaded it on itunes
unclewinkie said this 2854 days ago.
meaningless icon! Methinks I missed an episode of Modern Marvels. Will have to remedy that.
HELONURS said this 2847 days ago.
meaningless icon! yah guys thats how i got to you guys rock. ps i love the monkey as a pet its awsome ,nick
cyborg nick said this 2842 days ago.
meaningless icon! That sounds so cool; now I have to go watch this. <3 Geeks FTW~
Dopplegänger said this 2840 days ago.
meaningless icon! yea, saw that episode, i am a modern marvels fanatic! I already know half of the facts they give you before commercials :)
Master Amethystll said this 2821 days ago.
meaningless icon! I saw a cool @ss pen that you guys used on this episode that could write anywhere and would store/link to a PC or laptop. I think that this would be great to have, especially for lecture notes in college. Thanks a ton!
darthpaint said this 2791 days ago.
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Lizadanilova said this 2491 days ago.

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