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San Diego Comic-Con 2008

We went. We walked. We watched. We took notes. Some of our favorite parts include: Fraize almost getting trampled by Samuel L. Jackson; getting together with some of our product suppliers; seeing and interacting with our customers in their natural habitat; and meeting David Gerrold. It seems like it's a joke in the video, but for us, meeting David was hands down the coolest part of the con. Not only did the man create Tribbles, but he's also a fantastic sci-fi author and a great guy. Got waved to by Mick Foley, but that's only because he was bored and we pointed a camera at him. We picked up a few exclusive toys...and that's about it. At least the stuff we can print.

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meaningless icon! Two words. Steady. Cam. Was there anything about... Spore!? That's what I want to know more about.
Dash said this 2165 days ago.
meaningless icon! OMG. I love Tribbles. Why doesn't ThinkGeek Sell Tribbles? Is it because Tribbles run ThinkGeek?
zeus-mega said this 2161 days ago.
meaningless icon! LOL. I wished I was there. Hrrm. Maybe I should get a job? Then I could go. Will you give me a job?
DarkStar said this 2161 days ago.
meaningless icon! David Gerrold is a cool fellow, met him a while back at a con. Love his books, too! And the Tribbles...
HELONURS said this 2151 days ago.

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