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iPhone 2.0 Firmware, Jedi Compatible

Like moths to a flame, ThinkGeek monkeys are drawn to new gadgets. We've fallen unnaturally in love with today's launch of the iPhone 2.0 firmware which allows for lots of really amazing and useful applications (ok, to be fair, it allows them without Jailbreaking). Before too long, though, the sound of LightSabers clashing and sparking filled the office until nothing was getting done.

This is how it all got started. I walked up, saber ablaze, to Ty and Hans who were in the midst of measuring the voltage on a new secret custom ThinkGeek product...(don't worry, you can't see it in this video. Muahaha...)
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meaningless icon! thats pritty cool, lol now if only they added led mods on the side...
Darkgeekrocker said this 2969 days ago.
meaningless icon! lol you guys are awesome!
PBpower said this 2967 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ha, awesome.
Guitarbandit90 said this 2965 days ago.
meaningless icon! Rofl,too bad it had no blade and no real hilt. im a huge starwars fan keep up the good work guys
Mad Souljaboy360 said this 2963 days ago.
meaningless icon! If you've got a proper phone, like the Nokia N95 - you can get a similar application from
edent said this 2959 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ty and Hans working on mysterious electronics!? Light sabers!? It sure makes me miss the old Steem offices!
RudeDude said this 2958 days ago.
meaningless icon! OMG, that's better than the Moo Cow and the Dice Rolling apps combined.
athene said this 2958 days ago.
meaningless icon! OMG that is so awesome! (I used to be cool once, i just know i did....don't look at me!!!)
aardvarque said this 2956 days ago.
meaningless icon! lol....thats awesome
elmo1 said this 2953 days ago.
meaningless icon! it looks like it got removed from itunes. the link doesn't work it says it isn't available. it worked a while ago.
Dash said this 2943 days ago.
meaningless icon! were do i download this, i just got my 3g iphone and im dieing for more apps than the origonall
Axea said this 2941 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Dash @Axea Yeah, it looks like it was pulled by the app's author(s). The theory is that it will be back, but with licensing and approval from The Lucas. More info here:
Jen said this 2939 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wow, glad I got it when I did! Friend told me about it a week ago at the World Sci Fi Con.
Mystral said this 2934 days ago.
meaningless icon! As i understand they just have to redo it now that they have approval
Dash said this 2931 days ago.

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