Customer Action Shots!

Submit and Win with ThinkGeek Action Shots

We love to post pictures of ThinkGeek customers using our products in the real world so much that we're awarding $100 gift certificates for the best action shots as part of our newsletter.

How meta

Here's how to enter to win:

  1. Buy stuff from ThinkGeek. (This is the easy part.)
  2. Take an awesome photo of that product in action.
  3. Resize your photo so it is less than 150KB in size. (Edit photos online here)
  4. Email it to and we'll post it anonymously on our website.
  5. We'll love you forever if you list what products are in your photo and suggest a caption.

Winning photos are posted in the newsletter, so be sure you're signed up to receive it.

Tips FTW! :)

  • Your smiling face(s)
  • Creative scenarios
  • Exotic locations
  • Geeky references
  • Conventions
  • Cosplay
  • Kids/pets being kids/pets
  • You & celebrigeeks
  • Monkeys (chimps, orangutans, etc.)
  • Files that are <150KB

Tips FTL! :(

  • Nekkid people
  • Headless people
  • Products sitting on a floor or table, doing nothing
  • Children under 3 with choking hazards
  • Products we don't feature on the site
  • Files that are >150KB
  • ZIP files or links to online albums
  • Photos tagged with URLs
  • Photos with watermarks

"But ThinkGeek, I sent you my picture and it's not on the site!"

Upset that you do not have Instant Fame (TM)? Us too. We do our best to approve as many action shots as possible because we love you chuckleheads. Please allow a couple weeks for your action shot to be posted, especially between October-December when we're super busy with the holiday goodness.

Here are some reasons why your photo has not appeared on the intarwebz:

  • Your photo was eaten by our mail server for being too big. (See Step 3 above.)
  • Your photo was too dark or blurry.
  • Your photo was inappropriate in nature.
  • Your photo was of a baby with an item that is not for babies.
  • Your photo had a URL, watermark, or other promotional text on it.
  • Your photo did not feature a ThinkGeek product.

Remember, every time you send in a Customer Action Shot of yourself, you're giving us a bit of your soul. The souls of ThinkGeek customers are what keep Timmy warm at night, so keep mailing them in to!

A Selection Of Past ThinkGeek Action Shots Winners

NOTE: We apologize, but after the great Robot Wars in fall 2001, our Action Shot database was comprimised by a horde of shocker bots. As such, and regretfully, we have no Action Shot winner images to post prior to October 2001. May their memories rest in peace.