Tim R

Tim R.

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They call me… Tim! I'm sorry that makes this sound like it will be funnier than it is or at least have more Monty Python references. It's not and it doesn't. Sorry.

Tim R

I guess I should fill some of this space with a bit about me. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades nerd, from messing with hobby circuits to reading (a lot) of manga and pulp era stories to building models of giant robots and playing far too many video games. Conversely I'm a bit of an internet old man, I don't have a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter account. However I do love the Wikipedia. Other than my nerddom I'm not a particularly interesting person. I have two cats, I don't drink and generally look like I could use a shave.

Things people should check out, broken down into easy to use categories:


  • Peter Watts — A wonderfully bleak hard science fiction writer also has a decent blog.
  • Robert E Howard — Master pulp author, creator of Conan and Steve Costigan.
  • Ian Rankin — Scottish detective stores, lots of drinking and moping, surprisingly good.

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