regan at thinkgeek dot com

I'm the t-shirt girl. I'd like to claim I come up with all the cool ideas, but really that's everybody here (and some of you). I help herd the myriad ideas into something workable, give them to the designer, and ship them off to the screenprinter.

I dabble in most things geek. My first computer was an Atari 400. When I applied for the badge in computing (my year in Girl Scouts), my troop leaders had to take my word for it. Neither of them had computers. I love RPGs (old school dice and paper because online is too addicting) and enjoy the occasional comic book. I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi movies, but I fall for darn near every dystopia that comes out. I love sci-fi and fantasy novels, but I read slowly, so they are usually trumped by my passion for Shakespeare. I love college football (go Vols!), pro basketball (go Spurs!), and crafting (go non sequiturs!).

In my spare time I can usually be found live blogging about my time spent at circuses, sideshows and Renaissance festivals. And my cat. And whatever I ate for lunch. Hopefully cupcakes. Mmm. Cupcakes.